All Star Talking Posters

Here's a Really Neat New Idea!

Talking Posters GRAB Your Employees Attention and PROMOTE in ANY LANGUAGE!

New ALL STARS(tm) Talking Figures series makes old, boring poster programs OBSOLETE!

You record any message you want! For instance, CLICK DARTH for a demonstration of how to promote hearing protection usage!

You receive an assortment of lifesize cutout figures including Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, Darth Vader and others (choose from hundreds of stars). You also receive a special, patented motion activated device.

You can record any message or slogan and it will be played when someone approaches the cutout. The possibilities are endless! For instance, have a contest and pick the employee who does the best John Wayne Imitation safety slogan. Record that slogan so when people pass by our cutout, it says, "Aw, Wear Your Personal Protective Equipment today, Pilgrim" or Darth Vader saying "Failure to eliminate defects will result in termination. May the Force Be With You!" or Betty Boop (in the classic Marilyn Monroe pose with her dress flying up) says, "Can you help us keep our accidents down?". The possibilities are ENDLESS!

CLICK HERE for a free video and more information on this product!