OSHA WIll love you when you use our SAFETY WORKS(tm) Safety Training Video Program!

It complies with OSHA Required training and keeps you clear of costly fines while raising awareness!

Our SAFETY WORKS(tm) Safety Training system is a supervisory safety training system that is valued in the THOUSANDS and you receive FREE with every program purchase (the larger your budget, the more modules of this package you receive. Contact us for details!) Or purchase the SAFETY WORKS Program on it's own if you wish!

Each month you are provided with a turnkey Safety Works Training program that builds safety awareness AND complies fully with OSHA training requirements.

You receive....

Mini Quiz Prize Drawings award prizes to employees who complete Quizzes on the job and on the SafetyGRAM!

SAFETY WORKS Training System

Here's something we're really proud of--
The SAFETY WORKS Training System.

Each month you receive a comprehensive awareness kit that helps you comply with OSHA training!

Each month you receive...

ĽA Training Timeout 8 minute Safety Video by Coastal--you KEEP IT!

ĽA Supervisor's Lesson Plan to help your supervisors adapt the material to their work area

ĽAn Employee Quiz to document training for OSHA

ĽA Safety Works Newsletter to take the message into the home!

ĽA Wall Poster & Table Topper for your Lunchroom tables.

The program is fully customizable to your operation AND includes incentives. Employees answer the quiz to enroll in monthly drawings.

What's best of all about SAFETY WORKS? It's FREE when you purchase our TAX FREE Scratchoff Star Perks or Star Perk Gift Certificates!

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