Scratch Off Safety BucksTM and Star PerksTM help you motivate employees to improve safety, quality, customer service and any other areas you choose. You just hand out the Bucks and pat backs. If you're too busy to hand them out, we'll do it for you! Employees scratch off to choose from thousands of great gifts like...Or you can award your employees with TAX FREE Gift Certificates! Want a paperless solution? We'll issue award points to your own private BANK ACCOUNT for each person. They order by mail or phone!


Trips to Walt Disney World and Portable CD Players! They order from our catalog and we ship to the home! Our programs usually take less than one minute per employee per month in administrative time...

New QuikTrak Reward System lets you Track and Reward Behaviors in the field electronically!

Remember, properly done, our programs can be set up to be TAX FREE! So stop losing HALF your INCENTIVE budget to Income Taxes when you use CASH and GIFT CERTIFICATES as an incentive. And our new Windows Based Computerized Catalog means over 1000 more gifts are accessible right from your desktop. Put a mall in your breakroom!

Our Awareness Programs work hand in hand to educate and train your people on how to be safe, improve quality, and much more, including custom & Foreign Language posters...


Awareness Gifts that promote your program 24 hours a day!

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