A Letter From Our President to You...

Dear Prospective Client,

50 Years ago a survey was conducted. Three years ago it was repeated, with the same results. Employees were asked what factors made them feel best about their jobs. Managers were asked what factors they thought employees liked best about their jobs.

Managers said that what mattered most to employees was money.

Employees said that money was only number 6 in importance. Most important was Security, A Sense of Community, and third, Recognition. And 68% of all employees say they aren't recognized enough.

Ask yourself---how well are you harnessing this human factor? Our programs help you meet the needs of your work force and enhance your competitive edge! In today's business world, bottom-line profits are hard to come by-and even harder to keep.

Soaring Workmen's Compensation & Health Insurance costs and nagging quality roblems rob your business of sorely needed profits. Cut throat competition and Poor Employee Attitudes make losing clients an everyday affair.. To make matters worse, middle management is on the endangered species list, which leaves fewer and fewer people to put out all the fires.

Now, Smart managers at large firms use Customer & Employee Recognition programs to turn the hoses on those fires--and to stop their profits from going up in smoke. They know that recent surveys show that 78% of employees value recognition from their manager more than money.

And the same employees say that they don't get enough recognition! Experts agree that saying "Thanks" to customers and employees is a wise investment that pays off many times over for you. Sure you know you need to recognize your employees and your customers, but who has time to do it?

That's why we've designed this "menu". When you go to a restaurant, you probably don't order everything off the menu! Think of this menu in the same way. Use it to identify the tools you like best, and then call us for more free information & consultation to help you build your custom program. It only takes a few minutes and it's simple and easy!

No two companies are alike. Mix and match our incentive and recognition tools to accomplish your employee motivation objectives. Using our tools saves you time and money because you don't have to reinvent the wheel! Plus, you stay on the cutting edge of incentive technology with a program that has a track record of success. Just click on each of the categories to look at our most popular tools. We're adding new tools everyday!

Call us at 1-800-968-6043 to talk about the tools that fit you the best and to discuss pricing. Remember, as Bob Nelson says, "You Get What You Reward!"


Bill Sims Jr.
The Bill Sims Company, Inc.